I have been really enjoying learning all the computer languages that can be used to expand my creativity! It's like getting a new set of brushes and wanting desperately to set them loose on some canvas. What follows are the ramblings of an artist on the loose!

What have I done lately? I have been working on my blog site Nicole's Farm Kitchen with recipes and tips for people who want to eat REAL food and who may have an intolerance to gluten. I use fresh, in season, local produce as often as possible in my recipes.


  • Patricia Theatre - keep up on what's showing at the theatre. This website has the latest information about the longest running theatre in Canada.
  • PR Therapeutic Riding - paying me in horse manure! They do a great service to our community.
  • Powell River Driving School - Tell Max I said hi! If you want someone who is going to make sure you do your shoulder check, call Max!
  • Sunshine Music Festival - A wonderful little music festival in Powell River, with international musicians joining us Labour Day Weekend every year for the past 30 years.
  • Narbonne Law Office - Serving BC's rugged west coast since 1995, Narbonne Law Office provides legal services throughout the province of British Columbia
  • Lyla Smith, Artist - Lyla Smith is a talented self-taught artist with a lot of miles on her pencils and brushes..
  • Low Key Studio - just a page for now.
  • Charlotte Langlands - sculpter from Princeton, NJ
  • Saterna Music - Piano Technique Through Music Series of lesson books for sale online.